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    Mount kit for 1 SpotterRF Radar. Includes: Stainless Steel Mount for all radar models (except C1050 and A3000). Allows for 1 degree pitch adjustments, 1 degree bearing adjustments, and continuous roll adjustments; all as independent adjustments. Pole, wall or Unistrut compatible. Stainless Steel bolts and screws included and 50' Cat5 cable with a push quarter turn (PQT) connector for radar interface with a conduit adapter. The opposite end of the cable is terminated with an RJ45 for testing, but could be removed for pulling the cable through conduit. Use this mount if corrosion is a concern and if the radar is compatible with PQT interface.
  • MSA1273


    SR Operational Cable 2.5m. Outdoor grade PoE operational cable, 2.5m
  • MSA1479


    Extra 1 year complete warranty and support coverage for hardware and software. 6,5% MSRP total project price.
  • MSA1252A


    SR Universal Mount Bracket. Universal mount for pole or wall, with elevation and azimuth adjustment
  • MS991


    SR Operational Cable 15m. Outdoor grade PoE operational cable, 15m