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19 Productos

  • EchoPoint Communications Module

    Redundant sensor module. EP primary sensors EP9301, EP9311, EP9302, and EP9312 must order an EP Communications Module to be confirgured to communicate with corresponding redundant system. No charge.
  • ST/ST Patch Cord

    Pre-connectorized ST/ST proprietary SC-3 sensor patch cord - 2 meters. Prev. PN 247-73131
  • NEMA Enclosure

    NEMA 4X Enclosure with mounting hardware for all FD300 Series APUs. Prev. PN 850-91461
  • HALO-V3.00C-PC

    HALO IoT Smart Sensor 3C PC
  • 2020MAB

    2020 multi-angle adjustment bracket for the RLS2020 series
  • HALO-V3.00C

    HALO IoT Smart Sensor 3C

    Back box is required any time there is a wire mold or conduit connection to the HALO-3C or HALO-3C-PC.
  • CR2450


    Pila botón CR2450 de lithium. Compra mínima: 5 unidades.
  • CR2032-5


    Blister pila botón, litio CR2032 3v / 5 uds
  • CR123A


    Batería de litio 1300mah, 3V. Compra mínima: 5 unidades.
  • LIR14500


    Pila de Litio AA LS14500 recargable 2300 mAh. Compra minima 5 unidades.
  • 2020WMA8

    2020 Wall Mount Adjustable Bracket (Wall Mount, 8" L Arm Bracket direct to RLS2020)
  • 2020WMAD

    Adjustable Wall Mount Bracket for the RLS-2020S
  • 2020WMA-1


    2020 wall mount Arm (Wall Mount, 12" Cast Aluminum Arm direct to RLS2020)
  • 2020PLT

    2020 Mounting Plate for uneven surfaces
  • 2020PLMK-1


    2020 Pole Mounting Kit (Round Pole Mount Adaptor Bracket for 12" Wall Arm for RLS-2020 series
  • 2020PDMA

    2020 pendant mount kit (Pendant Mount Kit - Threaded Ceiling Flange, Top Plate for RLS2020)
  • 2020ANGX

    2020 Adjustable Angle Mount with Extended Pole (38" to 62") for RLS2020 Indoor Only
  • 2020ANGS

    2020 Adjustable Angle Mount Standard Size Pole (Wall/Ceiling- 24" Length) for RLS2020 - Indoor only