Colección: Fibra Óptica Perimetral

8 Productos

  • AN-200

    Fiber Defender® Anemometer with 15m of Input Cable. Prev. PN AN-200
  • FD342


    Stand-alone APU, Remote Mount, Dual Channel. Prev. PN 980-91494
  • FD331-IP


    Stand-alone APU, Single Channel, IP/XML Compatible. Prev. PN 980-41478
  • FD331

    Stand-alone APU, Single Channel. Prev. PN 980-01474
  • FD332-IP


    Stand-alone APU, Dual Channel, IP/XML Compatible. Prev. PN 980-61458
  • FD332


    Stand-alone APU, Dual Channel. Prev. PN 980-21454
  • RTP Fiber Defender® 300 Series Course

    RTP Fiber Defender® 300 Series Course

    Remote Basic Fiber Defender Training Course includes FD331, FD332, FD341, FD342, and FD348R provides information, including determining the best product solution for specific applications, installation, and maintenance of Fiber SenSys 300 Series products. Includes 300 Series Webinar Training Kit A26000362 (Prev. P/N: 982-44404). Approx. eight hours of training via web conferencing. Prev. PN 990-94552
  • 24-Fiber Cable

    24-Fiber Cable

    24-fiber single-mode, all dielectric, outdoor-rated cable per meter. Prev. PN 600-43425